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The Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013 known as the PoPI Act, became fully effectiveon 1 July 2020!

PoPI RAM is designed to test your enterprise's level of compliance with the PoPI Act.

By asking your heads of departments to take the PoPI RAM survey, you will quickly, accurately and cost-effectively identify the gaps, if any, that currently exists in your corporate policies and procedures. This relates to the gathering, administration, management, use and deletion of personal information. It also relates to the extent to which you allow access to such information.

The survey comprises two phases:

  • A questionnaire covering about 120 questions, all to do with the provisions of the PoPI Act, as well as less obvious but equally important aspects such as security access at office parks and know-your-customer information verification;
  • An outline of proposed controls. These controls are suggestions put forward by your managers, based upon their knowledge of your internal policies and procedures.


Your responses recorded on the questionnaire and proposed controls are confidential and identified as yours and that of the business enterprise you are associated with. It cannot be accessed by any other person using PoPI RAM.

Each manager signs on with his/her unique username and password, ensuring the confidentiality of their comments and proposals.


Reports generated from PoPI RAM are quite comprehensive. A graphical analysis of the level of compliance as measured by the managers’ responses, is provided. Full details of each manager’s Questionnaire responses as well as proposed Controls in PDF format, is also provided.


The PoPI RAM is modestly priced as a software rental, as follows:

  • A once-off rental of R9,500 plus VAT which includes access for the first ten (10) users of an enterprise or division; A once-off rental of R500 plus VAT in respect of each additional user. Additional users can either be identified at the time of sign-on or at a later stage within your period of valid access;
  • Duration for access to PoPI RAM for the purposes of adding or amending data records and for viewing or printing or reprinting the reports, is set at 1 (one) month from the date your account is activated.

If you want to first think about it, print and peruse the two brochures shown below, or discuss it with your management.

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